General Information on Stretch Mark Removal Tips

More About Stretch Marks

The occurrence of stretch marks is a common skin problem that is not peculiar to any particular race or gender. They are mostly caused by abrupt weight loss or weight gain. The largest percentage of people that suffers from stretch marks are the pregnant women. This is caused by two main factors; hormonal changes and abrupt weight gain.

Also, some skin types have more tendency to get stretch marks than the others. The categorization of these marks can be based on how new or old the marks are. Old marks are usually above a year old and can either appear in white or silver colours. However, new marks are the ones below a year old and are either reddish, pinkish or bluish in colour.

Other skin imperfections which resulted from acne, operation, injury or skin grafting can be treated with the use of surgical procedures. This would reduce the intensity of these skin conditions.