Stretch Mark Removal Procedures: Immediate and Post-Treatment Information

Immediate Stretch Marks Removal Post - Treatment

After getting a stretch mark procedure done, the skin might be tighter than it used to be and it might appear as like you have sunburn. This change in skin texture and colour will start getting better after 2 hours. The side effects will reduce drastically in less than 24 hours. However, skin redness may still occur till about 4 days after the procedures are carried out.

While the skin redness persists, do not have hot baths or exercise to prevent degeneration of the affected areas.

Ensure your hands are clean while touching the affected areas to prevent infection. To keep the area treated clean, use a non-irritant cleanser and tepid water till the skin complexion and texture returns to normal.

Another post - procedure treatment recommended is Aloe Vera Gel. It helps to keep the skin warm and it eliminates redness. The use of this gel should be continuous till the redness wears off.

Do not use highly sensitive skin care treatments during the period of healing the side effects. Also, make-up products should not be used for 24 hours after the procedure is done. The skin becomes succulent and rejuvenated as soon as side effects like; redness or tightness wears off.

Additional Post - Treatment Information for Stretch Marks Procedure

It is advisable to avoid exposure to intensive sunlight or artificial UV exposure for the minimum of 3 weeks after the procedure. Use Heliocare SPF 50 throughout the course of the treatments. This treatment should be applied daily without exemption to winter / cloudy days. For 14 days before and 7 days after a Dermaroller procedure, do not apply fake tan on the skin.

Patients with oily skin who are more susceptible to acne breakout may experience it more, due to the fact that Dermaroller treatments would bring out the deeper impurities in the skin to the skin due to cell rejuvenation. Consult your skin therapist to know the type of treatment to use in reducing the acne breakouts.

As a result of differences in skin texture, bruise may appear on skins that are delicate after the procedure is done. This may occur at the forehead, eye area or other parts of the skin. Prior to this procedure, speak with your skin therapist on the type of treatment that can be recommended if you are prone to bruising. The Auriderm XO cream can be used for this treatment.

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