Stretch Marks Removal - The Authoritative Facts

Facts about Stretch Marks Removal Techniques

The words "stretch marks" make a lot of women uncomfortable when mentioned, as up to 80% of them have these marks in one area of their body or the other. Also, these marks can be embarrassing and prevents most people from putting on their choice outfits.

The occurrence of stretch marks can make one lose self confidence, as a lot of people are conscious of their body. The fact that these marks are unsightly and difficult to remove can be very challenging. It is important to take bolder steps at eliminating stretch marks your skin if they make you lose self confidence.

Many people are of the opinion that stretch marks can not be removed, but they can actually be faded till it is difficult to different the affected area from the surrounding skin. Some people believe that oils, lotions and creams are not effective in removing stretch marks but this however is not true. There are some dermatologically tested creams that has proven to remove stretch marks from the skin.

Another way of removing stretch marks is by getting cosmetic procedure done. These downtime of these procedures is that they are invasive, painful and expensive to get. Therefore, it is better to choose natural remedies for removing stretch marks from your skin. They are safe, convenient and cheaper to get. Use natural remedies to add nutrients to your skin and reduce the incidence of stretch marks.

To get an effective therapy to reduce stretch marks from your skin, it is advisable to get user product reviews and / or rating before opting for an option. Also, you can get recommendations from cosmetologists on the best product to use.

The use of natural ingredients to remove stretch marks from the skin is good, as it works best for the skin by providing essential nutrients to it. This would in turn repair the marks and prevent new ones from forming.

Most of the effective stretch marks creams, oils or lotions always have the minimum of one natural ingredient as its component. This article will discuss the natural ingredients to look out for while purchasing a stretch marks product.

However, the nutrients listed below are not exclusive and not written in order of effectiveness.

1. Vitamin E: This natural nutrient is an antioxidant that encourages the growth of new skin cells. It provides the skin with power to repair damaged skin tissues. The prevention of free radicals from attacking the skin cells is one of the benefits of Vitamin E in the body.

It works best at preventing new stretch marks from appearing on the skin. The effectiveness of the vitamin E nutrient can be seen after constant use for a particular period of time.

2. Vitamin A: This nutrient also ensure the production of new skin cells in areas affected by stretch marks like the vitamin E nutrient. It prevents toxic substances from damaging the skin cells and encourages the regeneration of new skin.

It is advised that the vitamin A nutrient is used with other natural stretch marks nutrients. This is due to the fact that it does not penetrate to the dermal layer of the skin where the stretch marks springs from.

Thus, the combination of the vitamin A with these other nutrients will provide good natural remedy for preventing stretch marks.

3. Aloe Vera: Due to its different healing properties, the aloe vera is considered one of the best natural nutrients for treating stretch marks. It has anti-inflammatory effect which helps in preventing degeneration of the areas affected by stretch marks. It treats stretch marks when they begin to form on the skin.

Also, it helps various skin conditions to heal on time. Aloe vera hydrates the skin, thereby preventing the damage of elastin fibres. It encourages the growth of new skin cells and reduces the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.

4. Grapefruit Extract: The grapefruit works as an antibiotic and it is effective in treating stretch marks. The extract promotes the production of collagen which provides elasticity to the skin, thereby preventing the epidermal layer of the skin from breaking.

The grapefruit extract also heal damaged skin tissues by providing nutrients to the affected area. It is also effective in ensuring the skin gets its natural glow post - pregnancy by making it succulent and fresh. It takes the grapefruit extract shorter period to heal stretch marks.

While scouting for creams, lotions or oils to fade out stretch mark, consider provider products with any or all of these natural nutrients. They will help to eliminate stretch marks in a less stressful and cheaper way.

However, consistent use of these products are required to get a desired result for a particular time-frame.